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Thursday, 5 May
11:30 - 12:30
Location: Berlin (plenary)

Regulatory Perspectives on Next Generation Radio Systems

The purpose of the panel is to explore the complex relationship between public priorities, regulatory constraints and next generation radio technologies. These systems promise to transform access to spectrum for new entrants and may end up radically restructure the market. Thus, regulatory agencies must respond to their unique technical and operational features. At the same time, it is clear that regulatory requirements and their implied social preferences must shape the implementation and future directions of next generation radio technology.  



Fadel Digham, National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt
Reza Karimi, OFCOM, UK
Reiner Liebler, Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), Germany
Ruprecht Niepold, European Commission, Belgium
Douglas Sicker, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA

Moderator: Martin Weiss, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Friday, 6 May
09:30 - 10:30
Location: Berlin (plenary)

Perspectives on Cognitive Radios: The Past and Next 10 Years

The Cognitive Radio term has been with us a bit more than 10-years thanks to Joe Mitola. Cognitive Radios and Dynamic Spectrum Access have certainly produced a number of papers and conferences. But is it real, or just hype? 

This panel aims to provide perspectives on cognitive radio research. The panel will challenge a group of leading thinkers in the area to consider retrospectively the progress of the last 10 years and to lay out their vision for the coming next 10 years of research and development. While research community has progressed rapidly, and some early commercial exploitation has been achieved, it is not clear yet if cognitive radio technology itself is truly a paradigm shift. The panel will not only focus on research and technological challenges, but will also take into account practical and regulatory obstacles and realities. This perspectives panel provides food for thought on considering our progress so far, and most notably this well-known panelist will share their vision on what are the worthwhile big challenges and research problems for the next decade of DySPAN.



John Chapin, MIT, USA
Joe Mitola, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Anant Sahai, UC Berkeley, USA

Moderator: Petri Mähönen, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Friday, 6 May
11:00 - 12:30
Location: Berlin (plenary)

Business Perspectives on Dynamic Spectrum Access

Dynamic Spectrum Access has been a nice little earner over the last decade for researchers and lobbyists, but it hasn't made anybody any real money. Is this true, and if it is, what will it take to change the game?

This panel will challenge a group of leading business executives to lay out their vision for the commercial potential of DSA and other advanced wireless technologies, and they will in turn challenge the research and policy community with the opportunities and obstacles of commercial reality. While the scientific and engineering community has made great strides in developing and demonstrating DSA technology, and regulators in some countries have been aggressively exploring and even implementing changes in rules and regulation, the large-scale commercial deployment of DSA has been low profile if not non-existent. Are we about to see a major shift, or will these technologies be gradually incorporated into system design without any fanfare? If DSA solves important commercial problems, which are the most promising ones? If it doesn't, or if implementations are being blocked by engineering or regulatory obstacles, where can researchers and policy analysts make a difference? Finally, as DSA becomes a mature technology, ready for deployment, the research community should start shifting its attention to new areas where innovation can make a difference to society. This group of industry leaders is well placed to provide hints and directions towards new fields of research.



Paul Kolodzy, Kolodzy Consulting, USA
Berna Sayrac, France Telecom, France
Mahesh Sooriyabandara, Toshiba Research, UK
Lasse Wieweg, Ericsson, Sweden

Moderator: Pierre de Vries, Silicon Flatirons Center, USA










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